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I am an Author and Illustrator of over 60 books for children.

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I am also a Playwright. With the help of a very talented

team, I have brought my Princess Kim” books to the

stage as a Children’s Musical. See Below or visit: PLAY BLOG

In addition to creating books, I am now working for

as Director of Acquisitions, were we partner with Authors & Illustrators to

publish their books in bilingual text in many languages.

These two books are now BABL BOOKS available in many languages



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Author-Illustrator of Children’s Books

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After winning First Place at the Ronald M. Ruble National New Play Festival, Princess K.I.M. The Musical has had performances in  Ohio, New Hampshire, New Jersey and California. I am very proud to announce that my play is now available for license Nationally through STAGE RIGHTS!

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Princess K.I.M. The Musical is based on my

Princess Kim Books, published by Albert Whitman:

Available in Bookstores/ Online and through Scholastic Bookclubs.

(Published by Scholastic)

Coming Fall 2016

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 I’m Janine, the star of the new book,
Another book about ME is on the works- Stay tuned!
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Kirkus Review

“Teachers looking for a positive solution should reach for this one.”

Publishers Weekly  “ may encourage children who don’t fit in (and wouldn’t have it any other way).”

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“This pleasing story might well inspire some homemade Christmas gifts or even an outdoor Christmas morning breakfast” --Kirkus

Recent Books:

JANINE- And the Field Day Finish

“Cocca-Leffler knows children inside and out. --Kirkus