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Author-Illustrator of Children’s Books


My School Visit will feature:

Janine and the

Field Day Finish



Janine is a character based on my daughter, the real Janine Leffler, who truly is an inspiration. She bravely gave me permission to tell her story so to give strength to children with disabilities and encourage tolerance in all.

Together we developed a corresponding website.

Janine's Party's mission is to help change public perception of children with disabilities and increase awareness and acceptance through children's literature, film, poetry and YOU!

I’d be happy to discuss a visit to your school, and depending on the date, my inspirational daughter may be able to attend


My school visit presentation is based on the theme of my most recent books and is geared towards Grades K-4. My powerpoint slideshow educates while being humorous and engaging, inspiring the children to create their own art and stories, while encouraging them to take the heartfelt messages from my books and think about how they can inspire others.  My presentation encompasses many literacy/writing concepts including writing narratives, development and organization of a story and publishing their own writing. Through my presentation, I show how a book is developed from concept to finish book. Many of my books are based on my own childhood or that of my children, further encouraging students to write from their own experiences. I do a maximum of three sessions a day which run about 50-55 minutes each. During free time, before or after sessions, I would be happy to sign books.

School Year 2016-17 VISITS: Featured Book: Janine and the FIeld Day Finish.

The character and story were based on Maryann’s daughter Janine Leffler, who bravely gave her mother permission to tell her story about her life as a child with disabilities.  (For local visits, the inspiration, Janine Leffler, who has become a role model for child and adults, may attend.)  Maryann and Janine have developed a corresponding website with a mission to help change public perception of children with disabilities and increase awareness and acceptance. Maryann will talk about the power of being different, and encourage kids to STAND UP, Inspire, Include & Invite. In Maryann’s powerpoint presentation she touches on many of her books and highlights their development as described above.

Please download my above School Visit Flyer to share (above).

Featured Books:

Janine and the Field Day Finish


Theo’s Mood

Princess K.I.M. and the Lie That Grew

I will also speak about;

Princess KIM and Too Much Truth

Jack's Talent, Mr. Tanen's Ties,
Bus Route to Boston, Bravery Soup.

(I am open to featuring a requested favorite.)

What I Need:

  1. A space that will get dark

  2. Powerpoint computer & projector set up

  3. Screen or white wall for projection

  4. Microphone

  5. Easel with Blank Paper

  6. CD Player (I play music from my Play, while drawing)

Prepare- before I arrive:

Get the kids and staff excited! It is important to expose my books to your students prior to my visit. It will make for a more rewarding day. (Download free activity sheets from this website.)  

I request that you do not read the featured book(s) that I will be presenting to the children. Please keep grade levels somewhat together, (meaning, do not mix a fourth grade class with a first grade class, etc.) I request that the teachers remain present during my presentation so that they can later reinforce what is learned.


*My current fee is $1050.00 per day which consists of three- 50 minute sessions and a book signing (if requested.)   For local schools, I am willing to discuss half days.

Schools in New England which are over 1 hour commute from Amherst, NH add a $50.00 travel fee.

*Please contact me directly to discuss fees for school visits with more than a 1.5 hour commute or visits outside of New England. If a visit requires an overnight stay, expenses including hotel, travel and meals will be added to the fee.

PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS, WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES: I am often invited to speak at Professional Conferences for Educators or Booksellers. My presentation topics are designed to fit my audience. In addition, I also offer workshops to aspiring Authors and Illustrators including, “The Path to  Children’s Book Publishing” and Portfolio reviews. With over 30 years in publishing and over 50 books published my presentations are informative and entertaining. Please contact me direct for more information and fees.

SKYPE VISITS:  NEW. Bring me into your classroom to discuss my recent books. Perhaps your students are wondering about how I get my ideas? Or how I make my art? MR. TANEN’S TIE TROUBLE (Gr2) & JACK’S TALENT (Gr1) are in the JOURNEYS HMH curriculum.  Let the students ask questions and meet the Author/Illustrator behind the books.  

FEE: $50.00/ 20 mins. A Skpye “test” must be set up prior to visit. Please email me to set up a SKYPE visit in your classroom.

It is not mandatory to sell my books during my visit, but if you wish to host a book sale, I would be happy to autograph the books.
When possible, please support your local bookstore. Most stores would be happy to host the event at your school and may even provide a discount. (More information about each book is on the BOOKS link. Click the book cover to get more information about the books and its ISBN numbers.)

If your school would like to handle the sale of books, you may contact the publishers listed below and they you will give the appropriate discount. MENTION AUTHOR VISIT

Publishers List:

Albert Whitman & Co. 1-847-232-2814

  1. Janine and the Field Day Finish

  2. Janine.

  3. A Homemade Together Christmas

  4. Theo’s Mood

  5. Princess K.I.M. and the Lie that Grew

  6. Princess Kim and Too Much Truth 

  7. The Peanut Free Cafe'

  8. Mr. Tanen's Ties Rule

  9. Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble

  10. Mr. Tanen's Ties

  11. Bravery Soup

  12. Jungle Halloween

HarperCollins 1-800-242-7737

  1. Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’

  2. Rain Brings Frogs- A Little Book of Hope

  3. It's Halloween Night

Scholastic 1 800-Scholastic  (1800 724-2222) #1

  1. Hello Christmas

  2. Let It Fall

  3. Let It Snow

  4. Let It Rain

  5. Let It Shine

  6. One Heart

Sterling Publishers-(800) 367-9692

        What I Love About Christmas

Farrar Straus & Giroux 1-888-330-8477

        Jack’s Talent

Henry Holt (Christy O. Books) 1-888-330-8477

    A Vacation For Pooch                                                                                                             

Boyds Mills Press 1-800-949-7777

  1. Bus Route to Boston

  2. Clams All Year

  3. Wanda's Roses

  4. Jumping Day

  5. I Don't Want to Go to Camp

  6. My Backpack

Grosset & Dunlap 1-800-631-8571

  1. The Pilgrims and ME

  2. Dog Wash Day

  3. Calling All Cats

  4. Edgar Degas, Paintings that Dance

  5. Smart About the Presidents

  6. Smart About the Fifty States

  7. Princess for a Day

  8. Ice Cold Birthday

  9. Silly Willy

  10. Lots of Hearts

  11. The Big Snowball

The Kane Press 1-212-268-1435

  1. Carl the Complainer

  2. Spotlight on Stacey

Random House  1-800-733-3000

  1. My Dance Recital  (pop up)

Viking Publishing 1-800-631-8571

       Time to Say Bye-Bye

 I am also available to speak at Professional conferences 
and workshops.
To discuss a school visit, conferences, workshops or signings, please call me at 
(603) 672-8991 or email me: MCLeffler@aol.commailto:MCLeffler@aol.comVisits_files/School%20flyer%202011-12.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0




For more information, read below.

Rockaway, NJ
Bar Harbor, ME Children’s Book Festival

RECENT Visits:
Chelmsford, MA
Holliston, MA
Stoughton, MA
Chelsea, MA
Henniker, NH
Wakefield, MA
Saugus, MA
Hampton, NH
Battle Ground, IN
Amherst, NH
Nome, AK
Towns I’ve Visited: 
Hudson, MA
Manchester, NH
Andover, MA
Wayland, MA
Newport, RI
Amherst, NH
East Kingston, NH
Needham, MA
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Methuen, MA
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Huron, OH
Burlington, MA
Cambridge, MA
North Shore Reading Council, MA
Plymouth, NH
Westwood, MA
Nashua, NH
Troy, NH
Rochester, MI
(15 schools)
Milford, MA
Meredith, NH

Presentation REVIEWS:

“Maryann Cocca-Leffler had an amazing visit to our school!  She gave an engaging, heart-felt presentation that really connected with our students.  Her personal stories and read-alouds of her books touched both young and old in the room.  Our kids continued talking and making connections with her and her books for quite some time after her visit.  I recommend Maryann Cocca-Leffler to any school or library that wants to build upon their sense of community.”

–- Mindi Charles, Librarian- New Boston Central School, NH

“Your presentation was excellent!  We received all positive feedback from our teachers.  Your message about being your "spectacular" self really resonated with our students and was a message we could continue to build on at school.”

Christine Hatch  Hood School- Reading, MA

“Maryann Cocca-Leffler provided a thoughtful, inspiring message to our school.   Through these stories, she shared the development of her beautiful illustrations and the writing process. Children from five to twelve were captivated and engaged with the realness of her stories.”  

Kristen Garland

Dean-Well School

Peterborough NH

“Maryann Cocca-Leffler has visited our kindergarten classes for several years. Her program is carefully prepared, informative and entertaining.  In the presentation she shows her creative process and reads from one of her books.  Maryann finishes with a lively interactive drawing demonstration.  Children and teachers respond enthusiastically.“  

--Pat Keogh- Weston Public Schools, Massachusetts